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by psinetic
26 Jun 2008 01:45
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Topic: script to read a text file
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ed, there is a command: type which can type to you all the info in a text, bat, or vbs file. now, you can use: type "your file" >> "yourotherfile".bat/txt/vbs and if you really wanna get tricky, you can use something like this: @echo off title THIS IS SO COOL!! echo This is so co...
by psinetic
25 Jun 2008 07:46
Forum: DOS Batch Forum
Topic: Issue with ">> file >>"
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Issue with ">> file >>"

ok, i'm wanting to do this:

echo type %0 >> stupid.bat >> dumb.bat

but it won't let me, it keeps nullifying the other ">>" symbol and ruins everything.

anyone know any way around this? i don't care how long the method is, i just want to do it.