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by berserker
26 Dec 2013 01:58
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Re: MS DOS batch file ebook.

Ed Dyreen wrote:'
Batch is slow and doesn't handle unicode yet Microsoft refuses to update their native scripting language.
Whether this is to stay compatible with older software or to favor their other products is not sure.

yes they did, that's why they are now called VBscript or Powershell.
by berserker
25 Dec 2013 06:56
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Topic: bowling, anyone?
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Re: bowling, anyone?

those games are done with old DOS in mind. So the "crash" is expected. It might (or might not) work if you set the compatibiilty mode as described here . Also can try installing dosbox etc indicated in the post. As for downloading older windows version to run your games, a little bit of se...
by berserker
25 Dec 2013 00:11
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Topic: Batch Wake-On-Lan
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Re: Batch Wake-On-Lan

thephantomblu wrote:
penpen, can we call Powershell scripts in a batch file?

you can run powershell from batch. See here