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how to replace text in files located on remote servers ?

Posted: 02 Apr 2021 07:06
by jmclej
I need to replace all the occurrences of the text "http:\\\" to "http:\\\" in a list of files that I know but that are located on different remote servers.

server1 : C:\arbo1\...\file.config
server1 : C:\arbo2\...\file.config
server1 : C:\arbo3\...\file.config
server2 : C:\arbo4\...\file.config
server2 : C:\arbo1\...\file.config

I guess finding a replace function is easy but I have no idea how to connect to remote servers via a script (dos or powershell). For each server, the scriptg needs to ask for the credentials.
If it is not possible in a batch, I am OK for a C# solution.