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How to input datat in the next column of csv using batch

Posted: 02 Feb 2023 18:59
by banderasxp
Hi good day. I created this bat file (namely 21.bat) that input data to db.csv column 1.
Now, I need this code for 22.bat to enter data to the next column (B2, B3,B4,B5 etc...) of db.csv

Hope you can help me.

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@echo off
echo 21st of the month.
echo Input "8" if present. "Enter" if absent.
set /p Klay=Klay:
set /p Ibara=Ibara:
set /p Fidel=Fidel:

echo %Klay% >> db.csv
echo %Ibara% >> db.csv
echo %Fidel% >> db.csv