Run same program multipe times

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Run same program multipe times

#1 Post by esskaykay » 04 Feb 2023 21:21

Is it possible to open a program twice with different names? The reason I ask is I have a screen widget (digital clock) that I want displayed in a couple locations on my desktop depending on what’s running. I only want it displayed a second time when one program is running (Spotify).

So, first off, the clock would be displayed upon boot in one specific location and permanently remain in that location. I was hoping to write a small batch file or something that reloads the clock program in a different location before it opens Spotify. Then, upon closing Spotify, the second instance of clock would be closed leaving the original instance still in place.

I have been able to do this manually – that is, open D_Clock.exe twice and manually close the second instance. However, I’d like to do this via some routine. I understand batch files and simple PowerShell routines. I also have a Bat2Exe program that creates an executable from a batch file.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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