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multiple installation

#1 Post by gurnaraug » 05 Apr 2012 07:04

Hi! First of all, please excuse me for my english, I will try to be understandable ^^'

Well, I'm trying to create a batch file that install some programs freeing me by install one by one

I woud that this batch install my programs silently (and i know that i have to insert "/S" after the line) and one by one (install the first then, only when the first's installation has completed, installa the second and so on)

Can someone help me?

Thank you anticipally^^

p.s. more, if it is possible, i like if the cmd can show the progression bar of the installation

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Re: multiple installation

#2 Post by foxidrive » 05 Apr 2012 07:53

Something like this is a framework but not all executables support the /s silent switch - you will have to see which ones support a silent install.

Code: Select all

@echo off
start "" /w "c:\install folder\executable 1.exe"
start "" /w "c:\install folder\executable 2.exe"
start "" /w "c:\install folder\executable 3.exe"
start "" /w "c:\install folder\executable 4.exe"
start "" /w "c:\install folder\executable 5.exe"
start "" /w "c:\install folder\executable 6.exe"
echo done

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Re: multiple installation

#3 Post by ENU_USER*.* » 09 Apr 2012 19:27

Foxi is correct, it all really depends on the installer type
a good resource is:

It may be a little more work but I personally perfer doing sfx silent installs
with the switches packaged using Winrar or 7-zip. I have found the free app
USSF ( works on about 90% of the normal .exe files and will give you the switches automatically for you. Then run from a batch file using the runonce.exe method to install each one automatically for fast installs.

I have been doing successful silent hands free installs for over 10 years now
with windows applications (Adobe, Office, Java, MSE, Wds Updates etc.)
and by no means am an expert but if you would post your programs and how you will you be installing (from disc/usb or hard drive) then I will be glad to
see what I have.

Ed Dyreen
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Re: multiple installation

#4 Post by Ed Dyreen » 10 Apr 2012 00:32

This is my favorite site

You may also be interested in autoIT, a language designed to interface the GUI

A progress bar

I am currently working on this, but don't expect it to work, it has many internationalization problems.

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