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Collect/Merge URL string from Korean I.E. Favourites ??

Posted: 01 Mar 2008 08:32
by budhax
I got this I.E. favourites from Korea:
I would collect/merge all URL string from .url files (subdirectory too) to get (in URLs1.txt) this kind of result:

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Only the domaine name (or full URL string).
The difficulty is due to Korean characters in .URL filename.
Do you have an idea to get this result?
Thanks in advance.

UrlCollector.CMD (located in favorites folder)

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SET m1=URLs1.txt
TYPE NUL>"%m1%"
FOR /f "USEBACKQ Tokens=1,2,* Delims=" %%f in (`DIR /b /s ^"*.*^"`) DO (
   FindSTR  /i /b /c:^"URL=^" ^"%%f^"

SET m2=URLs2.txt
TYPE NUL>"%m2%"
FOR /f "Tokens=1,2,* Delims=:=" %%a in ('FINDSTR /i /b /c:^"URL=^" ^"*.url^"') DO (