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Using setver with win98 boot disk and msdos 6.22 programs ?

Posted: 06 Feb 2013 07:03
by taripo
I have a win98 boot disk, and it includes windows 98's setver.exe available here

and it loads fine.

I have a directory which has programs from ms dos 6.22

If I run the VER command it says Windows 98 4.11.1998


If I want one of those programs to work e.g.

I type

C:\>setver 4.11.1998

I get a message

ERROR: Invalid version number, format must be 2.11 - 9.99
Use setver /? for more help.

And if I type

C:\>setver 4.11
(I know that's wrong for me)
It executes. And gives a message saying to make sure the Program works with MS DOS 6.22

It looks a bit like the setver.exe with win98, isn't really built to make programs work with win98 as the highest it supports is probably 6.22

I tried setver 7.00

but that didn't work either, and it's not version 7 it's 4.11.1998

Re: Using setver with win98 boot disk and msdos 6.22 program

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 14:13
by Sponge Belly
Hi Taripo! :-)

DOS 6.22 programs should run without any problems under Windows 98, or am I missing something? If you’re trying to execute an old DOS program under XP or higher, try right-clicking on it, selecting Properties from the pop-up menu, and click on the Compatibility tab… although I doubt if that will do much good.

If it’s old software you’re after, why not plunder the fabulous wealth of the WinWorld Software Library? Or plumb the depths of the weird and wonderful Michael V Scovetta’s Archives? Many enter, but few return. And them as do are never the same! ;-)

- SB

Re: Using setver with win98 boot disk and msdos 6.22 program

Posted: 04 Jul 2013 15:17
by taripo
Sponge belly, i'm not talking about from within the win98 gui, but the command line. Though i'd guess the command line also through up "incorrect msdos version".

Your website links list applications and you think there's no issue, but I don't think applications really ever threw that kind of error, or not often, or at least I didn't see it. Or perhaps I didn't see it 'cos I only ran win9X apps in win9X.. and I never really mixed anything from win.3.1 and msdos 6.22, into it.

But commands certainly famously could give incorrect msdos version errors.

It's not like that was never seen in windows 98.

I'm not talking about XP.

And i'm not even talking about the Win98 GUI and its

I am talking about boot disks. I must have found an msdos 6.22 boot disk online, with commands that the windows 98 boot disks online didn't have. Maybe TREE was one such command. So i want to be able to mix and match on a 9X boot disk. or perhaps mix and match on a 6.22 boot disk. Maybe i'll give it another go some time and make it more reproducable

Re: Using setver with win98 boot disk and msdos 6.22 program

Posted: 05 Jul 2013 12:07
by penpen
I'm not sure as some time has passed, since i used win98, but i think i remember the following:
If you have program that is designed for a specific OS Version (here MS DOS 6.22) and you want to
run it under a higher Version (here Win98 4.11.1998), then you have to use setver to tell your OS (Win98)
that it should return a specific version number to this program (6.22), so you should try:

Code: Select all

SETVER program 6.22

The Version number MS DOS under win98 is not 4.11.1998 (this is the Windows Version number), it should 7.10 or higher.
You should set the full path to a program if it is existing in win98, too.


Edited: I have tested it, and it is as sayed above.

Re: Using setver with win98 boot disk and msdos 6.22 program

Posted: 06 Jul 2013 08:34
by Sponge Belly
Hi Again! :-)

Have you tried The CD Forum? The site is devoted to bootable CDs and boasts no less than 8 subforums. Surely one of the gurus there will be able to help you. And when he/she does, please come back and let us know what pearls of wisdom were bestowed on you. ;-)

- SB