Batch to connect to remote desktop session help!

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Batch to connect to remote desktop session help!

#1 Post by Drivium » 17 Dec 2013 17:51

The Problem: Ive got this script in a batch file

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cmdkey /generic:"servername" /user:"user id" /pass:"password" mstsc /v:"servername"
, which logs me into a remote server (remote desktop session). It works great, but doesn't actually log me in all of the way because this server is configured with an interactive logon, meaning there is a message that comes up that I have to click OK to when I first connect before it actually signs in all of the way.

The Reason I want it: We have a problem with our admins shutting down this server at night to apply updates and thus logging us out - causing our scheduled tasks to not refresh. I want to assign this batch file to a scheduled task on my local PC to ensure that every morning, before my scripts run, I'm logged back into the server.

The Help Needed: Is there a way to get this batch file to bypass/acknoweldge this message so it finishes signing me in?


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