Read a file with WHITESPACE separators

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Read a file with WHITESPACE separators

#1 Post by einstein1969 » 30 Jan 2014 10:27

Hi to all,

I'm really happy with the new development to write the files with any content.
I'm working on compression algorithms in real time in dos batch for quite some time and I hope to churn out something with this piece.

Recently I'm working on dithering and anti-aliasing and ray-tracing/casting/marching in dos batch. But obviously missing some pieces to the puzzle in order to produce a fully working in dos batch. The batch in some things is slow, other things can be sped up. But obviously the WHS is definitely faster.

Recently I was asked to release the code to create gradients in dos batch. But I would not why the code is not finished . It's a code messy and full of trial and error . So do not presentable at the moment. But as soon as presentable will be accessible to everyone! ( Foxidrive I thank you for raising this thing).

I know that Antonio(Aacini) is working heavily on fonts and other aspects of high resolution but need support utilities or/and WHS.
In the absence of high resolution serves dithering and anti-aliasing. I am fighting this way.
TrueType fonts thanks to some functions allow you to extend the range of colors without resorting to dithering .
Combine this dithering to anti-aliasing even at low resolutions allows you to get a decent result . I agree with the use larger fonts to speed up the whole.

Though I worked a lot with the dos batch my knowledge is not yet sufficient to deal with this step alone. So I ask a help to you.

Having said that step to the next step:

Reading files with Whitespace separators. (one or more)

(CRs, LFs, TABs, VTs, or FFs, Spaces). For the moment, you might miss Unicode.

That should also be the implementation of the ANSI C function "IsSpace ()" with the characters \n, \r, \t , \f ...

Given my lack of experience, I can not figure out if it's possible to do everything with a FOR /F or must also use FINDSTR or even do a binary read as Hexdump (then with FC).

This is the reason why I opened a separate thread.


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