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Re: Multi-line menu with options selection via DOSKEY

Posted: 06 Sep 2019 06:57
by Ed Dyreen
carlos wrote:
20 Aug 2019 15:50
Szecska the replace method was a way of get an input where choice was not present in the windows. I not remember from which version of windows it was included, maybe windows 8 ?
The CHOICE command was introduced in MS-DOS 6 and is still available in MS-DOS 7 (Windows 95/98). In Windows NT 4, 2000 and XP, CHOICE is no longer a part of the standard distribution.

XCOPY/WQL is another way of implementing getkey in macro code;

Code: Select all

%=			=%set k=^&for /F eol^^^^=1delims^^^^= %%? in (%$c1%
%=				=%'xcopy/WQL "^!comspec^!" \'%$c1%
%=			=%) do set k=%%?^&set k=^^^!k:~-1^^^!%$n1c%
Choice is available in Windows 7.