command prompt in windows 10

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Re: command prompt in windows 10

#31 Post by npocmaka_ » 07 May 2019 02:37

Microsoft unveils Windows Terminal, a new command line app for Windows

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Re: command prompt in windows 10

#32 Post by dbenham » 07 May 2019 05:38

Thanks npocmaka_

I did a Google search and discovered a new Microsoft GitHub Windows Terminal project that includes source code for both the old console as well as the new Windows terminal. Best of all, Windows is encouraging community participation in developing new features :!:

Also within I found links to an ongoing series of posts that delve into the history and internals of the old conhost.exe, as well as the development and features of the new Windows terminal.
The first post gives the history of the console, and from there you can get to the subsequent posts. (I haven't had time to read any of this yet, but it looks to be a treasure trove of info)

Dave Benham

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