How do you shrink ascii art

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How do you shrink ascii art

#1 Post by TheHunterManX » 03 Feb 2017 10:13

I remember obtaining at one point a external program for command prompt that shrinks the actual resolution of the cmd prompt (not like mode where it just allows for you to see X lines and rows) to make ascii art look real(you couldn't see the letters so it looked good, and with cecho I added color, so it looked like an actual picture). I seem I cant find it anymore, so I am asking anyone to tell me the name of the program.

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Re: How do you shrink ascii art

#2 Post by Aacini » 03 Feb 2017 11:20

Sorry, I don't know the program you are talking about. However, at Color Ascii Art thread there are some examples of using Lucida console font at size 5 to show Ascii Art with very small characters that looks pretty good, but such images was later improved in Drawing pixel resolution graphics method, that allows to show "Ascii Art" at one pixel resolution, so you may draw real pictures and images using a Batch file.

Another possible solution is Drawing HTA "canvas" graphics that use the HTML5 "canvas" tag to show graphics in a separate window. An example of such a method is Batch Turtle Graphics, that allows to draw a series of interesting images in a very simple way...


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Re: How do you shrink ascii art

#3 Post by Squashman » 03 Feb 2017 11:21

Are you thinking of CMDOW?

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