How to center align text.

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Re: How to center align text.

#31 Post by Jer » 14 Mar 2017 20:15

Aacini, on my Windows 10 PC, your first indented line shows ascii chars. #160 #32 #160
in my editor's hextype function, and the batch file showed the error below with echo on.
Overwriting all the blank indent space fixed it.

á á á for /F %n in ("!indent!") do set "str=!spaces:~0,%n!!str!"


edit 3/16/2017 - this may be unique to my PC configuration. When I copy and paste
your code and other code to my editor, KEDIT for Windows, I get ascii character #160
instead of character #32 for indents and double spaces. These characters are not visible.
My O/S is Windows 7 64 bit. Maybe the problem is with this highly acclaimed (by itself) new
browser that came with the Dell PC.

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