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Survey Popup - RESULTS

Posted: 22 Aug 2017 22:26
by admin
Results from our recent survey, thanks to everyone who participated.

There is interest to having Powershell tips on
There is also interest for bash tips but mixed opinion about where it should go.

The email collection form was not so well received, so it got removed.


Peter Hartmann (admin)

Re: Survey Popup - RESULTS

Posted: 22 Sep 2017 12:25
by aGerman
Thanks for sharing the results Peter!
Did you already forge a plan? :)


Re: Survey Popup - RESULTS

Posted: 10 Nov 2017 15:08
by Ed Dyreen
powershell is widely covered on the net, vb/j-script isn't, specialization is key.

Re: Survey Popup - RESULTS

Posted: 03 Jul 2019 22:01
by goneapesh1t
The powershell community is still in need of an open forum like this IMO.

Re: Survey Popup - RESULTS

Posted: 22 May 2020 17:41
by Samir
Since for years (decades?) this forum has only had one forum--DOS Batch--why not simply add forums for Powershell and Bash and see what happens? If there isn't enough activity you can always hide/delete them. 8)

Re: Survey Popup - RESULTS

Posted: 20 Feb 2021 14:18
by ispy
Hi folks :D ,

I'm sorry that this request survey slipped under the radar for me, I would have liked to put forward additional suggestions for small ASM/debug scripts that would compliment batch-files in both Dos & CMD. I think Debug is present in OS's up to Windows7 Me thinks, along with a more recent debug (3rd Party) although not M$ is supposed to be superior to the MS Version (kinda writing small com/exe files).

Also as a companion to batch files means and methods, experimentation of converting small complimentary binary files to ASCII files to insert within batch files, although there are caveats in the undertaking things like this would be interesting to me to overcome things like `backticks` command substitution to backfill those areas that bat/batch files are prone to weakness. Also another area of interest could be batch file enhancers like 4dos, "Clink- Powerful Bash-style command line editing for cmd.exe" NIRCMD, (setting up keystrokes etc) NDos that kind of genre etc to showcase some of the enhanced features these can facilitate.

I'm sorry I feel I have come in after the horse has left the stable but some of the above I feel are indirectly related to Dos/CMD etc Maybe suggestions possible in the future perhaps we wouldn't want to spread the jam too thinly LOL?

Best Regards,

Ispy :D