Pause to give thanks

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Pause to give thanks

#1 Post by MicrosoftIsKillingMe » 26 Jan 2018 01:24

Forgive me for interrupting the festivities, but this site is amazing and I just have to say it. Its latest gift to me is one of the finest I've found yet:

DOS - String Manipulation

Like many other pages here it is truly a work of art. I wish whoever wrote that "tip and trick" would be acknowledged.

BTW I'm hoping not to cause too great a distraction and I don't want to tempt everyone to reply indicating their most delicious page at the site, unless admins agree or want to start something like that for fun and for recognition. I don't see a "talk forum", just this one, so I don't want to presume that distracting chit-chat belongs on this board. Nonetheless I wanted to especially thank someone for the groovy page above.

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