OneDrive for business - check synch status?

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OneDrive for business - check synch status?

#1 Post by SIMMS7400 » 19 Apr 2018 02:31

HI Folks -

One of my clients recently migrated all of their content they had on a network share over to OneDrive for business. This includes various data integration pieces as well. This particular FP&A team is very inpatient therefore I feel as if they will just ignore the fact OneDrive needs to synch before the latest data is available for other members of the team.

With that said, is there an easy way to check whether or not a file is done synchronizing? I've checked some of the logs and there really isn't any rhyme or reason to them - at least enough for me to write a piece of code to check synch status. Has anyone had success doing this?

The reason I ask is there are two MS Access databases that take a bi of time to synch due to the size of them - all other files synch relatively quickly.


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