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Batch Construct! - A batch "compiler"

#1 Post by LF337 » 02 May 2018 17:11

Hi! My name is Luiz Felipe and a developed a "compiler" of Batch code in about 2015 in JScript.NET language. This make a executable like the Bat to Exe Converter...
But the Batch Construct! have some differences of others projects like this.

1) The executable is very small.
I construct the executable using Assembly language, the result is a executable with about 3 KB in small codes.

2) The Batch Construct! accept much more than just Batch instructions.
I have inserted more functionalities in the code that allows to do things that until then were impossible in Batch.
Like a thread system, run JScript and VBScript code directly in the source code, run Powershell code and more.

Repository of the project:

In the directory "examples" have code examples with commentaries in English.


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