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Playing with random ZEROs and ONEs

Posted: 08 May 2018 06:25
by sst
I was curios how much can we go random in batch by combining inaccurate timing which is inherent in human with accuracy and predictability of a computer.
So I started playing a little with keyboard and timer in batch.

So here it is

If the above image makes you carious enough then this is the code. Just don't press keys too quickly :D

Code: Select all

@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
mode con cols=145 lines=40
set "TIME="
for /F "tokens=1,3 delims=0123456789" %%A in ("%TIME: =0%") do set "time.delims=%%A%%B"
set "HEX.Digits=0123456789abcdef"
set "Winner[0]=None"
set "Winner[1]=Zero"
set "Winner[2]=One"
set /a "hex4.val=hex4.bits=one=zero=bits=0"
title Press any key to get next bit
for /L %%A in () do (
    rem ping -n 2>nul
    for /F "tokens=4 delims=%time.delims%" %%A in ("!TIME: =0!") do set "centsec=%%A"
    set /a "bit=!centsec:~1,1!&1, zero+=^!bit, one+=bit, bits+=1"
    set /a "dif=zero-one, sign=((dif&0x80000000)>>31)&1, dif*=1-2*sign, Winner=(^!^!dif)*(sign+1)"
    set /a "izr=(zero*100)/bits, fzr=((zero*100)%%bits)*100/bits"
    set /a "or=10000-100*izr-fzr, ior=or/100, for=or%%100"
    if /i !fzr! LEQ 9 set "fzr=0!fzr!
    if /i !for! LEQ 9 set "for=0!for!
    for %%i in (!Winner!) do set "Winner=!Winner[%%i]!"

    set /a "hex128.bits=(bits-1)%%128"
    if /i !hex128.bits! EQU 0 (
        set "hex128=#"
    ) else if /i !hex4.bits! EQU 0 (
        set "hex128=#!hex128!"
    set /a "hex4.val+=bit<<hex4.bits, hex4.bits=(hex4.bits+1)%%4"
    for %%i in (!hex4.val!) do set "hex128=!Hex.Digits:~%%i,1!!hex128:~1!"
    set /a "rnd=hex4.val, hex4.val*=^!^!hex4.bits, hex128.bits+=1"

    set /p "=!bit!"<nul
    set "title="
    set "title=!title!Zero: !zero!   One: !one! | Winner: !Winner!   Dif: !dif! | "
    set "title=!title!bits: !bits! | Ratio  Zero: !izr!.!fzr!%%   One: !ior!.!for!%% | "
    set "title=!title!Last 128bit Hex(LE-bits): 0x!hex128! !hex128.bits!/128 | "
    set "title=!title!Press any key to get next bit"
    title !title!
    set /a "centsec=!centsec:~0,1!*10+!centsec:~1,1!"
    set /a "kbd_delay=centsec*rnd"
    rem for /L %%A in (1,1,!kbd_delay!) do pause<nul>nul