Total folder size with out admin rights

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Total folder size with out admin rights

#1 Post by tgreenwald3 » 30 Aug 2018 18:52

I am attempting to get the size of a specific folder without having to run the cmd with being elevated. Is this possible. I just one one number which is the folder size exported to a text file. I have tried a bunch of different ways but it either

1) gives me too much information
2) requires elevation

for a little background I am attempting to find out how many of the computers on our network are effected by the windows 7 cab file bug. We have had a few computers C drives become completely full from this issue. I am hoping I do not have a time bomb bug in our systems. So i want a script I can deploy that will write a file with a number of that folder size. Then I have a macro that will pull in every file and form two rows.

1) name of that file(PCID)
2) the size inside

Bug - ... drive.html

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