Bget - A package Manager for Windows scripts.

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Bget - A package Manager for Windows scripts.

#1 Post by jahwi » 06 Dec 2018 22:28

Bget is a batch-file command-line tool for handling Windows scripts. It is built to be a companion to those who write, use and maintain Windows scripts. It helps those who use scripts easily download, update and remove scripts. It’s built for scripters, by scripters.

Download Bget:
Via BITS: Type the following into the command prompt window:

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bitsadmin /transfer Bget%random% /download /priority HIGH "" "%cd%\"
  • Download scripts from the Bget server: These scripts are vetted and sorted by us. We’ve gone about curating some of the most interesting scripts we could find that we think would be interesting and useful to you as well.
  • Download scripts from Pastebin: Pastebin has long been the coder’s friend, and so we added the ability to fetch scripts from Pastebin. These scripts are not pre-vetted however, but they offer the ability for fast code downloading without waiting for us to vet them.
  • Update scripts: Rather than manually re-download the latest version of every script, Bget handles that for you, getting the latest version of any script you’ve downloaded.
  • Easily remove scripts: Don’t like a script you downloaded? Easily remove it with Bget. One command and it’s buh-bye script.
  • View script info: This allows you to see basic information about a script such as its name, author and description, allowing you to make an informed decision before downloading.
  • Bget also allows you to list all scripts on the server and list downloaded scripts on the local computer.
  • Upgrade feature: Bget also updates itself so you always stay up-to-date.
  • Multiple download methods: Bget has many ways to get a script. These are: Jscript, VBScript, Powershell, BITSAdmin and CURL.
The Goal
The objective is to create an apt-like utility for windows scripters so we need not scour the internet in search of this-or-that tool.

I'd really like for the batch community to give this tool a try and provide valuable feedback.
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Re: Bget

#2 Post by carlos » 26 Dec 2018 20:09

This is interesting, because is like a package manager for batch, but like many package manager for other languages like php, node, ruby, the authors should publish it in a official site.
The pastebin idea is also interesting.
In the downloads methods is missed the certutil technique:

The usage of pastebin is algo good.
Maybe the author of the script can provide installations like this:

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download.cmd pastebin/id | cmd
following the installation style that is used on linux using wget (that print the download content) and sh that receive the instructions.

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Re: Bget

#3 Post by jahwi » 28 Dec 2018 06:16

Thanks for taking a look at Bget.
I've decided to hold-off on making an official site till if/when the project gathers meaningful traction. As regards the certutil, method, I considered it but it doesn't seem to work for me. I always get an "Access is denied" error even on an Admin instance, so I decided against adding it.
As regards the wget-like download you mentioned, could you elaborate?

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Re: Bget - A package Manager for Windows scripts.

#4 Post by jfl » 05 Feb 2019 08:24

Hi jahwi,

I tried your bget package manager last month, and found it very interesting.

Since then I've been working on a way to manage multiple independent AutoRun files, that create batch variables and macros for all new cmd.exe windows.
This management is done by an AutoRun.cmd script.
I thought this would be very useful in conjunction with your bget.bat script, as AutoRun.cmd allows installing AutoRun scripts independently of each other, without having to deal with the Command Prompt's AutoRun registry key every time.

While at it, I added in AutoRun.cmd the definition of standard GNU variables, defining installation directories.
I thought that this might be useful to you, as, if these variables are defined, you can install files directly in the user's preferred directories, without him having to specify anything.

Please have a look at this post for a detailed description of AutoRun.cmd capabilities.


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Re: Bget - A package Manager for Windows scripts.

#5 Post by jahwi » 28 Feb 2019 07:34

I just checked it out and it looks really good. I've indexed it to Bget.

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