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My batch menu V2.2.0

Posted: 30 Dec 2018 10:06
by QUINT_09
Hello everyone,
I have updated my batch menu.
For this update I focused on shortening the code as much as possible. It is now also possible to turn the boot logo and welcome message off so you get a faster start of the menu.
Here is the full changelog:

- Added an drive letter opener
- Added an option to turn boot logo on and off
- Added an option to turn welcome message on and off
- Improved the sum and product calculator
- Fixed a bug that caused custom programs to be reset because of an unnecessary echo
- Fixed a bug that caused custom program and website 0 to not be saved
- Shortened the code by using various methods ( 4525 lines were removed )

Download it here: ... nt_09-menu
Or view the source code here: ... sp=sharing

-- QUINT_09