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Re: Edit Binary File

#16 Post by dbenham » 11 Mar 2019 13:37

It is a beast :twisted: You did well.

The only added JREPL feature I used was the /T option.

The rest of what I wrote deals with
  • capture groups and look ahead assertions, which are standard regex constructs, not really JREPL specific
  • standard batch constructs like FOR, FOR /F, variables, delayed expansion

Dave Benham

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Re: Edit Binary File

#17 Post by stondesign » 14 Mar 2019 06:46

Hi! I used string

Code: Select all

call JREPL.BAT "\x00\x8c\x40\xf3\x37\xac\x01\x55" "\x00\x8c\x40\xf3\xb9\x92\x01\x55" /XSEQ /M /F "%1" /O "-"
How can I save a new file and not overwrite the selected one?

I select the File ->% 1
Processing ...
Saving with different extension ->
% 1.noegr

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Re: Edit Binary File

#18 Post by aGerman » 14 Mar 2019 07:09

/F "%~1" /O "%~dpn1.noegr"
For informations about the modifiers see the help of the CALL command.


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