Microsoft New Terminal - Thoughts???

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Microsoft New Terminal - Thoughts???

#1 Post by IcarusLives » 11 May 2019 10:11

Above is the link to the video!

I'm curious about thoughts on the new terminal? I still have so many questions. It is said to release "winter" 2019

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Re: Microsoft New Terminal - Thoughts???

#2 Post by aGerman » 11 May 2019 11:23

As Turner and Niksa explained, they can't change the console itself any further because this would break downward compatibility. So, the terminal is just an app where you can run console applications in. This is somehow similar to existing 3rd party software like ConEmu. The new terminal has a few additional features. But since I tried ConEmu a couple of years ago and finally left it alone because I had no use for it, I'm not convinced that the Windows terminal would even have a feature that makes it indispensable for me. I definitely do not miss things like emojis. Right now I'm not sure if developers of console software would even be able to make their programs open in the new terminal by default in order to display things like emojis. If they still open in the console window then you'd still see crap.
However, I like the OpenSource offensive of Microsoft. I like the implementation of WSL and their announcement to implement the Linux-Kernel, too. A huge step in the right direction, imo.


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