Trying to Install a .batch file: "can't write to system32\drivers"

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Trying to Install a .batch file: "can't write to system32\drivers"

#1 Post by sterlo- » 12 May 2019 02:12

Hey all, so maybe everyone might need more information but I have literally spent 2 DAYS (It's 6pm now I started at 9:30am again this morning) trying to figure this shit out.

So I downloaded this .bat program, it's basically just a modded installation program for a game and whenever I run it, it opens then closes instantly and says "could not write to system32\drivers" after having to edit it and put "pause" in notepad so I could see what it says. What does that even mean? FYI I am running Windows 7 as a dual boot through my Windows 10, I have all my drivers installed and everything.

Part 1:

So here is my folder. I did not make this I was given it by someone and the instructions tell me to not run as administrator, however even thought I tried it still failed.

So you're meant to click the install.bat file, it will load that "lpbsdm" whatever it's called, is apparently the application for it as when I click on "Edit" on the Install.bat file, it says: @echo off libmsdp /install

When run as administrator it just says "lpbsdm cannot recognize internal external command blah blah" which is that application from before.

I also have just gave myself access to everything through the actual folder that all the applications are in, being this:

Also: Not sure if necessary, but I tried to give myself full control access through System32 properties on my partition disc. As you can see, everything is ticked (I did this a second time for a screenshot to you), but before it ticks everything, it came up with this access denied 0409 thing

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Re: Trying to Install a .batch file: "can't write to system32\drivers"

#2 Post by penpen » 13 May 2019 16:17

The only thing we know is:
That batch tried to write to a file within the folder "\system32\drivers" which fails.

How about posting the content of the batch file if legally allowed?
Alternatively post a link so we could download that .bat file ourselves.

You shouldn't trust any foreign .bat program - always check what it does before running it.


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