Printing problems

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Printing problems

#1 Post by EScatalpa » 12 Jul 2019 10:01

I have a label printer that I want to print to using DOS commands. I have printed to a similar network printer before through DOS without issue. This label printer is connected to my PC via USB, and I cannot get it to print. I have tried:

PRINT /D:COM1 c:\temp\\testprint2.txt

PRINT /D:USB001 c:\temp\\testprint2.txt

NET USE LPT2 \CORE205HP\"ZDesigner ZD420-203dpi ZPL" /Persistent:Yes
PRINT /D:LPT2 c:\temp\\testprint2.txt

.....none of this works. Please advise. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Printing problems

#2 Post by elzooilogico » 13 Jul 2019 07:13

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