[GAME] Asteroid Destroyer

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[GAME] Asteroid Destroyer

#1 Post by H6899 » 10 Jan 2020 11:37

Here is a game i have created in batch. I would appreciate it if anybody would want to improve the code.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X2nLli ... sp=sharing


Works only in legacy console

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Re: [GAME] Asteroid Destroyer

#2 Post by DQ2000 » 11 Jan 2020 20:40

great !! I like what could you recreate with my graphics program ???

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Re: [GAME] Asteroid Destroyer

#3 Post by misol101 » 12 Jan 2020 21:33

Not too bad. I'm just going to point out that using cmdgfx_RGB (in server mode), you could fairly easily have this game:

1. without flickering
2. without the need for legacy console
3. with bitmap transparency (i.e no black background for e.g. crosses overwriting other bitmaps)
4. play at a high, consistent frame rate
5. actually using mouse while playing the game (but maybe that would make it too easy)
6. support resizing the game screen while playing

(Cons: cmdmenusel.exe might not work as expected when cmdgfx server runs)

I would not write this comment if the game was pure Batch (which is its own genre), but since you're using 6 external exe's anyway...

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Re: [GAME] Asteroid Destroyer

#4 Post by H6899 » 19 Mar 2021 15:44

The Source Code is now available on GitHub.

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