Check files GEQ 11000

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Check files GEQ 11000

#1 Post by Zero0 » 24 Jan 2020 08:01

Good Afternoon,

I'm trying to check Multiple files that are over 11kb, which then returns a Preset list that isn't over 11kb.

Could anyone tell me where i'm going wrong here?

Thank you for any support.

IF /r "C:\Users\%G%\%F%\Week %Week%\!b!\Day %day%.xlsx" %%S in (*) do @if %%~zS GEQ 13000 (
Goto End
) Else (
Color C
set /a countc=countc+1
IF !countc!==1 echo These are the Missing files.
Echo !b!

Color A
IF %%i==23 (
IF !countc!==0 echo welldone all Files are there.


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Re: Check files GEQ 11000

#2 Post by pieh-ejdsch » 25 Jan 2020 13:33

Hallo Zero0,
Your script does not show how which variables are set, you can only assume that they are set. There is no If Else for either a directory, or in a loop, or recursively.
You can use a for /r loop for this.
Please use Code Tags.

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