choice command problem

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choice command problem

#1 Post by rana » 10 Mar 2020 08:36

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@echo off
echo "Choose the file size"
echo "A:10MB"
echo "B:20MB"
echo "C:30MB"

choice /c ABC /m "Choose Now :)"

I saved this script in the batch file and when tried executing it in a shell , it goes on and on in an endless loop and doesn't allow the user to choose ...
Why is it happening . :cry: I have attached a snap as proof
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Re: choice command problem

#2 Post by dbenham » 10 Mar 2020 09:58

You must have named your batch script choice.bat or choice.cmd, so your script is calling itself instead of executing the CHOICE command. Rename your script to something else.

You should never name a script the same as an existing command.

Dave Benham

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