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Start a hidden http server

Posted: 31 Oct 2020 14:32
by hacxx
This thread will explain in detail how to create a executable with vbs and batch code to execute a http server. This http server starts automatically with windows.

HIDDEN HTTP SERVER - Hacxx Dehashed Software Tutorial

Hacxx Dehashed Software.exe
The main file - Its a WinRAR SFX

LiteServe - Is undetected
LiteServe - Starts with Windows
LiteServe - Is hidden

cool.ico - Just a icon for the main file

Executes index.bat hidden from user

Add a rule to bypass firewall for liteserve.exe
Executes vbs2.vbs
Executes liteserve.exe

Get a remote file and execute in the machine.
(In this case is a ip logger)

Visit official thread...


Virus Report
The parts of code that i tweak to made this work are in plain text.