Replace multi Chars at once

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Replace multi Chars at once

#1 Post by paolo2504 » 28 Jan 2022 03:46

Ho all, i carefully read help and i didn’t understand how to do as follows.
I want to eliminate/change two (or more) strings that may be present found in a text file. i was trying to do this with a single line ok code using /m /t params . I wrote:
Jrepl “str1|str2” “repl1|repl2” /m /t “|” /f %infile% /o %outfile%
Or using vars:
Jrepl %str1%”|”%str2% %repl1%”|”%repl2% /m /t “|”……..
Or finally
Jrepl “str1|str2” “”|”” /m /t “|”…….. (to eliminate str1 and str2…)

No errors but also no replacement at all.
Pls, where is the mistake i am dooing ?

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