Universal Bucks (batch simulation game)

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Universal Bucks (batch simulation game)

#1 Post by KuroRXX » 04 May 2020 11:44

So originally I made a betting minigame where the user just bets in-game currency. This minigame was just made mainly to test the ability to create savable data through batch coding. However, after many hours of laying in bed on my laptop (messing up my shoulder no doubt) it started turning into a full text-based simulation. This game has three stages in it, each stage has its own batch file that can only be accessed if you have beaten the previous stage and it's on a save file. To play just download the text files and make them batch files. If you have any suggestions on what to add or a bug to fix please let me know.
Universal Bucks 1.txt
(11.03 KiB) Downloaded 412 times
Universal Bucks 2.txt
(5.03 KiB) Downloaded 390 times
Universal Bucks 3.txt
(8.98 KiB) Downloaded 402 times

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