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Dynamic Menu / UI

#1 Post by T3RRY » 29 Sep 2020 14:23

Just a little something I wasted some time on.

The heart of the script began with a dynamic menu builder, and expanded from there into a user interface of sorts.
With the macro's contained within doing all the work, the labels and menu options become very simple to script
readability of the macro's is somewhat poor, and this version of the script is unremarked - Though If anyone would like it explained or broken down, just ask.
Coloring of menu options / output is done using VT codes, therefor windows 10 is required.
If you'd like to add in support for other file types, follow the template for the labels present. Note that the Menu macro uses the first letter of each option in the string provided to build a list of letters / numbers for the choice command, subsequently, items for a particular menu cannot share a first character.
The selected option is returned as the exact option string selected, in the Variable "option" For use in determining what action to take.
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